Mid-Term Evaluation: Austrian Development Cooperation, Bhutan Country Strategy 2015-2018

Austria and Bhutan have a long history of cooperation dating back to the late 1980s. The current Bhutan Country Strategy 2015-2018 focusses on three priority areas: energy, tourism, and governance. It was designed based on the recommendations from the 2013 Review of the Bhutan Country Strategy 2010–2013, with the initial ambition to achieve a gradual phasing-over of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) in Bhutan by 2018.

An independent Mid-Term Evaluation of the Country Strategy 2015-2018 was therefore commissioned in early 2017 with the aim to (i) assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and – to the extent possible and meaningful – the impact and sustainability of the results achieved since 2014; (ii) examine the possible consequences of a phasing-over at the end of 2018; and (iii) explore the potential design and focus of a new Country Strategy beyond 2018. Findings, conclusions, and recommendations, as well as overall lessons from the cooperation can be found in the final evaluation report.