Review of the Strategic Guideline for Security and Development and its Implementation 2011-2016


The Strategic Guideline for Security and Development, approved by the Council of Ministers in 2011, recommend a Whole of Government Approach (WGA) to strengthen conflict prevention, crisis management, peace consolidation and state building in partner countries. They provide a framework for integrated policy development and action in the area of security and development, as well as promoting an improved interplay between the different policy areas and concepts.

The independent review of the Strategic Guidelines assesses the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, and results achieved under the framework provided by the Guidelines, and to analyse the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing cooperation in different thematic areas - in order to support joint learning among the organisations involved, and to contribute to further developing policy and practice in this area of work. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the review can be found in the executive summary and in the final report.