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Austrian Development Cooperation

Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) supports countries in Africa, Asia, South Eastern and Eastern Europe as well as the Carribean in their sustainable development.

The Foreign Ministry (
FMEIA ) plans ADC strategies and programmes. The Austrian Development Agency ( ADA ), the operational unit of ADC, implements these together with public institutions, non-governmental organisations and enterprises.

Business partnerships

You invest in future markets?

We fund entrepreneurial spirit and ideas.

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Contract for support of UNRWA signed – 1 million Euros for emergency assistance and reconstruction in Gaza to assist civilian population in need.

Austria provides 2.5 Mio Euros for immediate disbursement in support of the Palestinian Territories

Contract for support of UNRWA signed – 1 million Euros for emergency assistance and reconstruction in Gaza to assist civilian population in need. more >>

Supporting African parliamentarians in dealing with land-based investments

Parliamentarians debate on land rush

Supporting African parliamentarians in dealing with land-based investments more >>

Austria supports together with UNIDO the Small Island Developing States in the Pacific region in their efforts to create a Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

Clean energy for the Caribbean

Austria supports together with UNIDO the Small Island Developing States in the Pacific region in their efforts to create a Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. more >>


Robert Zeiner, director of the department Programmes and Projects International at the ADA, attended the 10. conference of European Regions and Cities at the City Hall of Vienna. "Development without Energy is not possible", Zeiner highlighted this at the panel discussion "Energy Transition". © Neumayr

80 men and women graduated from trainings in gastronomy and tourism in Novi Sad. The project "Socio-economic Development of the Danube Region Serbia", helps around 600 job applicants to acquire additional qualifications to improve their chances in the job market. © ADA

Mike Chibita, Director of the Public Prosecutions in Uganda, met Robert Zeiner, Head of Progammes and Projects International, and Simone Knapp, head of the ADC-office in Kampala, at the Austrian Development Agency Vienna. © ADA

Gunther Zimmer, Head of the ADC-offices in Tbilisi and Yerevan, greeted Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz, who inaugurated last week the new office of the Austrian Development Cooperation in Yerevan, Armenia. © BMEIA

Our heartfelt congratulations to all winners of the IAA presented last night by Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz in Vienna. The first price was awarded to the interethnic Kindergarten "Sunčani Most" (Sunny Bridge) in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina. We are proud that ADC has been among the supporters of this excellent institution in the recent past. © BMEIA

ADA's business partner Johannes Gutmann, CEO of the company Sonnentor, met Austria's Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz at the Ambassador's conference 2014 in Vienna. © BMEIA

Austria's aid arrived in Iraq: Hans Peter-Glanzer of the Austrian Foreign Ministry, and Hajan Majid of the Austrian Honorary Consulate in Erbil, at the airport with aid packages for 100,000 needy persons. © Kawa Ibrahim Mawlood

Hubert Neuwirth, Programme Manager for Southeast Europe, explains at the Forum Alpbach what the Austrian Development Agency contributes so that brain-ciruculation works. © Österreichischer Integrationsfonds

Armed conflicts or natural disasters oder Naturkatastrophen threaten the lives of millions of people around the world. "Austria helps", the latest commitment of Austria are 1 Million Euro for aid in Gaza. © PWA

On 15 July the Central Hospital in Beira, Mozambique, saw the groundbreaking ceremony for our new Invicta Eye Clinic which will serve as eye-care hub for 2 million people. The Governor of the province Sofala, Gerald Schuhmann of Light of the World and Eva Kohl of the Austrian Development Agency were invited to attend the celebration. © Light for the World

On 1 July 2014 the EU Human Rights Defenders Awards 2014 was shared among three outstanding individuals that promote and protect universally recognised human rights and fundamental freedoms in Uganda. © ADA

From 23-27 June 2014 the 3rd review conference on a Mine-Free World took place in Maputo, Mozambique. Austria supported during these conference a workshop for journalists and "IncluArt" a Dance Theatre, in which mine survivors and persons with disabilities participate. © ADA

Gottfried Traxler, Program Manager from the department business partnerships at the Austrian Development Agency, informed about possible cooperations during the event "Exporttag 2014" at the Austrian Economic Chambers. © ADA

Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz announced together with the Albanian Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati the continuation of Development Cooperation with Albania at a press conference. © BMEIA

Delegates from the Austrian Parliament made field visits to projects of the Austrian Development Cooperation in Georgia from June 8th to 12th, 2014. © ADA

Visitors from Brasil discussed about opportunities and challenges for the economy and the people at sports events on June 11, 2014 at the Austrian Development Agency. © ADA/Katharina Ferreira-Steinhart

Lídia Libango is a knowledge multiplier, who passes know-how to farmers in Mozambique about fertilization, watering and commercialization. © ADA




The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is in charge of implementing all bilateral projects and programmes of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). For this, ADA has various financing instruments at its disposal.

In priority countries and key regions, ADC contributes to implementing national development plans or regional strategies. Increasing use is made of the capacities in the partner countries themselves or programme-based approaches. In most cases funding agreements are concluded with partner country institutions and organisations. In addition programmes and projects can also be implemented by project executing agencies selected by means of calls to tender or an application procedure.

For all developing countries, ADA provides the following aid instruments:

  • NGO cooperation international finances projects and programmes of Austrian non-governmental organisations (NGOs) aiming at improving the conditions of life and development prospects of people in partner countries.
  • Humanitarian aid funds emergency measures in the event of disasters as well as disaster prevention and reconstruction projects in crisis regions.
  • Development communication and education in Austria promotes projects to raise the awareness of the Austrian population for development-policy issues and the global context.
  • Business partnerships support enterprises from Austria or the European Economic Area (EEA) that make long-term investments in developing countries and take active measures to improve the local social, ecological or economic environment.