Evaluation reports 2018

Mid-Term Review of the Armenia and Georgia Country Strategies 2012-2020

Austria has been active in the South Caucasus since 1988. In 2011, after having worked on the basis of a regional strategy, the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) developed two country strategies for Armenia and Georgia, both covering the period 2012-2020. Austria's cooperation with Georgia focusses on two priority sectors: agriculture and forestry. The Austrian-Armenian cooperation focusses on agriculture. Both strategies have governance as a cross-cutting issue. In 2017, a Strategic Framework (light), focused on economic development and governance, rule of law, peacebuilding and conflict prevention, was elaborated for the Black Sea area/Southern Caucasus Region, covering the period 2017-2020 and providing a new umbrella for the two Country Strategies.

More than half-way through the implementation of both strategies, an independent review of the two Country Strategies was commissioned in 2017 to provide an assessment of progress towards achieving objectives and planned results. The Mid-Term Review (MTR) aimed at providing rapid feedback on the implementation of both strategies to inform necessary changes and adjustments d the remaining period 2018-2020. It also aimed at informing evidence-based decision-making with regards to ADC's future approach and engagement in Georgia, Armenia, and the region beyond 2020. Finally, it aimed at assessing the potential for a more comprehensive Austrian ODA orientation and application of the Whole-of-Government Approach (WGA) in both countries - something that had not been applied in the development of the current strategies. Findings, conclusions, and recommendations as well as overall lessons from the cooperation in both countries can be found in the final evaluation report.

Mid-Term Review of the Kosovo Country Strategy 2013-2020

Austria is a long-standing partner of Kosovo's development, with an on-site presence since 2003. The current Kosovo Country Strategy 2013-2020fileadmin/user_upload/Dokumente/Publikationen/Landesstrategien/CS_Kosovo_2013-2020.pdf focusses on two priority sectors - (i) economic development, particularly in rural areas; and (ii) education with a focus on higher education - along with the cross-cutting theme/issues of governance, gender equality and environment. After five years of implementation, a Mid-Term Review (MTR) of the Country Strategy was commissioned in 2017. The Review aimed at (i) carrying out a systematic assessment of progress in relation to the Strategy's objectives and results, with a particular view on determining its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, as well as its impact and sustainability prospects; (ii) providing feedback and lessons learned to further improve the Strategy and its implementation during the remaining period 2018-2020; and (iii) putting forward initial recommendations with regards to Austria's future approach and engagement in Kosovo beyond 2020. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations of the MTR can be found in the final evaluation report and its annexes, as well as the executive summary.