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Austrian Development Agency

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ADA staff

Reducing poverty, building peace and protecting the environment - these are the three major commitments of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation. About 500 projects and programmes and more than EUR 100 million in funding are implemented every year to improve the standard of living in developing countries.

Better together

Together with partner countries, public institutions, civil-society organisations and the business community, ADA works to make sure that sustainable development benefits everyone in Africa, Asia, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe and in the Caribbean. Personnel in 13 field offices abroad ensure that our programmes and projects are aligned with the national development goals of our partner countries, meet the needs of the local population and put resources to the most efficient use.

Where do the funds come from?

The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs finances ADA's budget. Other ministries, international organisations and the EU, however, also draw on ADA's expertise. Altogether, the Austrian Development Agency is managing seven programmes for the European Commission. Private funds are also mobilised for development cooperation under the Business Partnership Programme. Most of these funds are invested in ADA's key regions and priority countries:

Key regions Priority countries
Himalya-Hindu Kush Bhutan
Danube Region/Western Balkans Albania, Kosovo
Black Sea Region/South Caucasus Moldova, Georgia, Armenia
West Africa Burkina Faso
Southern Africa Mozambique
  Palestinian Territories


ADA is primarily engaged in sectors where Austria has proven know-how and long-standing experience: water supply and sanitation, renewable energies, climate protection, agriculture and forestry, private sector and development as well as human security, human rights and rule of law. All programmes and projects attach particular importance to the equal participation of women. Special consideration is paid to the needs of children and persons with disabilities.

More knowledge, more support

With its public relations work and support for developmental projects in Austria, ADA shows that poverty, hunger, climate change, conflicts or migration are issues that affect everyone directly. Development cooperation helps bring a little more justice to the world.


In order to provide optimum services for our partner countries and Austria, integrity and professionalism are prerequisites. The comprehensive precautions of the Austrian Development Cooperation for preventing and combating corruption include the ADA Code of Conduct, anti-corruption clauses in ADA contracts and the institution of internal and an external information contact point(s).