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Students in Kosovo

Kosovo is a major focus of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC). Since 1999, Austria has been assisting the country in developing basic infrastructure, such as roads and water supply, and in education, democratisation and economic development.

Rural development

Even after declaring independence in 2008, Kosovo still faces serious political, ethnic, economic and social problems. Corruption is still a major problem. The present phase of transition is decisive for the development of democratic values, rule of law and an effective market economy. To support progress here, Austrian Development Cooperation focuses its work on rural development and the promotion of local institutional capacities, which affords particular scope for poverty reduction and economic growth. With a view to sustainable and socially equitable development, ADC also assists in private sector development.

Economic growth and exchange

Creating education programmes and building capacity is another priority of ADC. Austria supports the development of an educational system to meet needs at the higher education and vocational training level. ADC also helps Kosovo to implement measures in good governance and rule of law and seeks to foster democratic values by promoting conflict prevention and human rights programmes. The foreign office for Development Cooperation in Pristina ensures that funds are invested effectively for the sustainable development of Europe's youngest state.

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