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Austrian official development assistance 
Chart of Austrian ODA compared with ADC bilateral expenditure

As a member of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), Austria is obliged to report on the volume of its official development assistance each year. This is the only way to ascertain whether and how far DAC member states have achieved the agreed objectives.

What counts as official development assistance?

Official development assistance (ODA) is made up of disbursements of public funds to developing countries that meet certain DAC criteria, which it sets to ensure the international comparability of results. Its standards, definitions and provisions for recording statistics on ODA and flows of other development finance are set out in the Statistical Reporting Directives.

Based on these statistical reports, the OECD Development Assistance Committee publishes the annual results for international comparison: The first ODA trends with provisional data on any year are published in spring of the subsequent year.  The detailed final results of official development assistance from individual countries are then published in the Development Co-operation Report at the end of the year.

Chart of main ODA components 2014
Further Information
  • Provisional ODA figures for 2013