The Austrian Development Agency funds projects and programmes currently with a total of 500 million euros to improve living conditions in developing countries.

The Project List makes all ADA projects and their most relevant parameters publicly accessible. It also includes projects that have been delegated to ADA by other donor agencies, such as the European Commission. Such projects are explicitly listed as such. In addition, ADA also implements funds for other Austrian and international institutions as part of development cooperation projects. Details regarding the sources of funding contained in the categories "OEZA" (Austrian Development Cooperation) and "andere Geber" (other donors) are provided in ADA's annual report (Geschäftsbericht).

For technical reasons, statistical data (modality, marker, tying status) is only available for projects with a start date later than 01.01.2015.

The projects are listed chronologically and can be searched either by using keywords or by selecting specific countries in the predefined search fields.

The whole data set can be downloaded as excel file here.

Country and topic categories follow the logic of the OECD/DAC countries. Further information on this subject can be found under:

Environmental, Gender and Social Impacts Assessments, implementation reports and evaluation results are published here for certain projects.

Date of last update: 03.06.2019

All projects
Contract partner FAKT Consult for Management, Training and Technologies
Country Europe, regional/multi-country
Funding amount € 102.420,40
Project start 21.04.2015
End 31.12.2015
Contract partner Afrika Vernetzungsplattform - AVP
Country Austria
Funding amount € 102.600,00
Project start 01.01.2010
End 31.12.2010
Contract partner Österreichisches Nord-Süd-Institut für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit GmbH (wurde aufgelöst)
Country North of Sahara, regional/multi-country
Funding amount € 103.078,00
Project start 01.11.2006
End 31.12.2007
Contract partner Sto GmbH
Country Macedonia
Funding amount € 103.780,00
Project start 01.11.2007
End 30.06.2011
Contract partner HORIZONT3000 - Österreichische Organisation für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Country Brazil
Funding amount € 103.908,57
Project start 01.01.1999
End 31.12.2006
Contract partner Samariterbund Österreich Rettung und Soziale Dienste gemeinnützige GmbH
Country Serbia
Funding amount € 104.000,00
Project start 01.10.2015
End 30.09.2017
Contract partner Hofer KG
Country India
Funding amount € 104.306,00
Project start 01.11.2013
End 30.04.2017
Contract partner CARE Österreich, Verein für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und humanitäre Hilfe
Country Nepal
Funding amount € 105.000,00
Project start 01.01.2011
End 30.09.2014
Contract partner World University Service-Österreichisches Komitee
Country Montenegro
Funding amount € 105.000,00
Project start 01.09.2006
End 31.05.2007
Contract partner STEP Österreich
Country South Asia, regional/multi-country
Funding amount € 105.510,00
Project start 01.01.2006
End 31.12.2009
Contract partner Stability Pact Gender Task Force
Country Europe, regional/multi-country
Funding amount € 106.000,00
Project start 01.02.2008
End 30.06.2009
Contract partner Amhara National Regional State Bureau of Finance & Economic Development
Country Ethiopia
Funding amount € 106.730,00
Project start 01.08.2008
End 31.12.2010
Contract partner United Nations Development Programme - Bosnien und Herzegowina
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Funding amount € 107.438,02
Project start 01.07.2005
End 28.02.2007
Contract partner Pinto A. Mutschler Import GmbH
Country Moldova
Funding amount € 107.500,00
Project start 01.10.2006
End 30.09.2010
Contract partner CARE Österreich, Verein für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und humanitäre Hilfe
Country Bosnia and Herzegovina
Funding amount € 108.000,00
Project start 15.01.2014
End 30.06.2017
Contract partner GRAT - Gruppe zur Förderung der Angepassten Technologie, Center for Appropriate Technology
Country South Asia, regional/multi-country
Funding amount € 108.000,00
Project start 01.02.2012
End 30.06.2016
Contract partner Österreichisches Lateinamerika-Institut
Country Austria
Funding amount € 108.140,00
Project start 01.01.2006
End 31.12.2006
Contract partner Hüpfl, Rudolf Dipl.-Ing
Country Austria
Funding amount € 108.500,00
Project start 01.10.2007
End 30.09.2008
Contract partner Arbeitsgemeinschaft - Austrian Federal Economic Chamber
Country Serbia
Funding amount € 108.875,00
Project start 01.05.2016
End 30.09.2017
Contract partner Gross National Happiness Commission (GNH Commission), Royal Government of Bhutan (RGoB)
Country Bhutan
Funding amount € 109.120,00
Project start 01.11.2014
End 31.12.2015