Austrian Development Agency funds about 650 projects and programmes annually with a total of EUR 500 million to improve living conditions in developing countries.

The Project List makes all ADA projects and their most relevant parameters publicly accessible. It also includes projects that have been delegated to ADA by other donor agencies, such as the European Commission. Such projects are explicitly listed as such. In addition, ADA also implements funds for other Austrian and international institutions as part of development cooperation projects. Details regarding the sources of funding contained in the categories "OEZA" (Austrian Development Cooperation) and "andere Geber" (other donors) are provided in ADA's annual report (Geschäftsbericht).

For technical reasons, statistical data (modality, marker, tying status) is only available for projects with a start date later than 01.01.2015.

The projects are listed chronologically and can be searched either by using keywords or by selecting specific countries in the predefined search fields.

  • The descriptions of the projects searched can be downloaded as PDF.
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Date of last update: 24.05.2018

All projects
Contract partner ÖKOBÜRO - Allianz der Umweltbewegung
Country Austria
Funding amount € 10.000,00
Project start 01.07.2009
End 28.02.2010
Contract partner ÖFSE - Österreichische Forschungsstiftung für Internationale Entwicklung
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.850,00
Project start 01.07.2006
End 31.12.2006
Contract partner SÜDWIND Die Agentur für Süd-Nord-Bildungs- und Öffentlichkeitsarbeit GmbH
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.825,00
Project start 01.06.2005
End 31.12.2007
Contract partner Dr. Reinthaler Elisabeth Maria
Country Namibia
Funding amount € 9.750,00
Project start 01.08.2005
End 30.11.2005
Contract partner Cross Cultural Communication CCC - Verein zur Förderung internationaler Kulturkontakte
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.700,00
Project start 01.05.2007
End 30.11.2007
Contract partner Jussel Richard
Country Bhutan
Funding amount € 9.630,00
Project start 15.03.2007
End 31.05.2007
Contract partner Hilfswerk Austria International
Country Colombia
Funding amount € 9.600,00
Project start 01.01.2009
End 30.09.2011
Contract partner Prof. Dr. Fahrenhorst Brigitte
Country Morocco
Funding amount € 9.551,80
Project start 01.02.2004
End 15.03.2004
Contract partner ARGE Zimbabwe Freundschaft - ARGE Zimbabwe Friendship Association
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.500,00
Project start 01.06.2014
End 31.12.2014
Contract partner Katholisches Jugendwerk Österreichs (KJWÖ), Zweigverein: Katholische Jugend Österreich (KJ-Österreich)
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.500,00
Project start 01.03.2015
End 31.12.2016
Contract partner Ärzte für Ifakara
Country Tanzania
Funding amount € 9.450,00
Project start 01.10.2007
End 30.09.2011
Contract partner KommEnt - Gesellschaft für Kommunikation, Entwicklung und dialogische Bildung GmbH
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.415,00
Project start 01.03.2009
End 30.06.2010
Contract partner Mag. Ukelli Sam
Country Developing countries, unspecified
Funding amount € 9.400,00
Project start 01.09.2007
End 31.12.2007
Contract partner FIAN - Food First Information and Action Network, Sektion Österreich
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.300,00
Project start 01.04.2011
End 31.03.2014
Contract partner Standbild - Verein zur Förderung audiovisueller Medienkultur
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.300,00
Project start 01.01.2014
End 31.12.2014
Contract partner CARE Österreich, Verein für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit und humanitäre Hilfe
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.250,00
Project start 01.06.2015
End 31.12.2015
Contract partner OeAD (Österreichischer Austauschdienst) = Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.200,00
Project start 01.01.2009
End 30.07.2009
Contract partner Dr. Solomon Abebe
Country Ethiopia
Funding amount € 9.110,00
Project start 16.10.2006
End 15.12.2006
Contract partner Diverse Partner - Umwelt und Entwicklung / Diverse Partner - Umwelt und Entwicklung
Country Developing countries, unspecified
Funding amount € 9.000,00
Project start 01.09.2010
End 31.12.2010
Contract partner Diakonie Patchwork Institut / Verein Evangelisches Hilfswerk in Österreich
Country Austria
Funding amount € 9.000,00
Project start 01.01.2008
End 30.06.2009