Establishing Safe Wastewater Disposal in the Town of Cantemir, Moldova - Site Supervision for Construction Works and Capacity Development for ApaCanal

Deadline: 18.01.2019, 15:00

The present procurement procedure is designated: "Establishing safe wastewater disposal in the town of Cantemir, Moldova: Site Supervision for construction works and Capacity Development for ApaCanal". It is the aim of the present procurement procedure to conclude a Service contract for site supervision and Capacity development with the selected bidder. According to current planning, the project "Establishing Safe Wastewater Disposal in the Town of Cantemir" will consist of:

1) Design and construction of a waste water treatment plant;

2) Rehabilitation and extension of the existing sewer system;

3) Extension and rehabilitation of the sewer system including gravity and pressure sewer pipes, pumping stations, supply of material for sewer house connections. Furthermore, the project comprises construction site supervision and capacity development including technical training for operation and maintenance.

Time Limit for receipt of tenders or requests to participate: 18 January 2019, Local time: 15:00.