Consultancy for Social Mapping in six districts of Sofala Province, Mozambique

Deadline: 23.09.2021, 12:00

Deadline: 23.09.2021, Beira 12:00 CET

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) has been delegated by the European Union (EU) to implement the sub-programme for the Province of Sofala of a strategic project focusing on the local development for the consolidation of Peace in Mozambique (DELPAZ Sofala) until end of December 2024. The overall objective is to contribute towards consolidation of peace at subnational levels in Mozambique. The specific objective is to improve the livelihoods of rural communities in conflict affected districts in Sofala province, with a special focus on women, youth and disadvantaged groups. The Consultancy shall conduct the SOCIAL MAPPING and reflecting also the peace-building analysis perspective under the guidance of ADA.

The Assignment shall provide comprehensive information about the local situation in the six target districts as it concerns conflict, social and gender dynamics, thus enabling informed targeting, planning and decision-making of DELPAZ Sofala’ activities and conflict-sensitive approaches to the respective local conditions in each districts and localities. A review workshop with project stakeholders is planned at the end of the project’s inception phase. The purpose of these analyses is to inform this review and concretization of the intervention design, with a focus on identifying priority intervention localities and priority intervention activities, as well as refining targeting criteria and methodological approaches.

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