DELPAZ Sofala: Legal Procurement Advisor

Deadline: 25.07.2024, 23:59

DELPAZ Program, a strategic local development project for the consolidation of Peace in Mozambique, is to contribute to the consolidation of Peace at the subnational level in Mozambique.

While AICS is responsible for implementation in the Provinces of Manica and Tete, ADA was delegated by the European Union (EU) to implement specific objective 2 “Local Development for the Consolidation of Peace in Mozambique – DELPAZ” DELPAZ Subprogram – Sofala in the Province of Sofala (DELPAZ Sofala). ADA is implementing DELPAZ Sofala with the main partners, the Government of Mozambique through the Sofala Provincial Executive Council (CEPS) and the District Governments (District Secretariat/SDAE/SDPI/SDSMAS) and other partners such as the ADRA/Livaningo consortium and the local CSO Young Africa.

ADA intends to engage the assistance of a Legal Procurement Advisor (LPA) expert team. The expert team of the LPA will be responsible for providing legal advice and technical assistance related to legal issues and procurement, including capacity development and trainings for CEPS staff and district staff practitioners working on procurement. While the general scope of the assignment is outlined under 2.2. detailed Terms of Reference within this scope will be defined for every specific assignment (see 3. for procurement and contracting modalities).

Among others the Legal Procurement Advisor (LPA) Expert Team shall deliver:


  • Support, guidance and recommendations for better Contract management: Improvement and standardization of the systems in the DPAP and DPOP directorates, compliance with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) vetting stages and documentation in accordance with the vetting system, and improvement and standardization of a detailed archiving system for tender and contract documents;

  • Support, guidance and recommendation to reporting: Standardization of and compliance with the reporting and information system (DPOP, DPAP, Provincial Directorate for Planning and Finance (DPPF) and district secretariat) and - if necessary - adaptation of the reporting formats in the SOP;

  • Up to eight (8) Trainings (max. two days per training) of CEPS and district technicians and UGEA staff in specific thematic (to be determinate in detail) and follow up, one (1) in each district for UGEA staff and six District Focal Persons (PMT), two (2) for CEPS staff including PMT Staff (PCO, FAM);

The contract period for this framework service contract and time frame for delivering the services shall be: August 2024 until December 2024

Deadline for sending offers/proposals: July 25th, 2024 at 11:59 pm (Mozambique time)