International Consultancy Services for the Project "EU4Rivers" in Tirana, Albania

Deadline: 28.07.2024, 23:59

Austrian Development Agency (ADA), as the Operational Unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) has been delegated by the European Union (EU) to implement the "EU4RIVERS" project in Albania, from October 2023 to September 2028. The lead Beneficiary is the Albanian Water Resources Management Agency (AMBU).

ADA intends to conclude the following 3 different service contracts for the provision of technical consultancy services: 

International Expert for Environmental Economic Assessment (6532-00/2023/ SUB 12/2024); 120 working days over 22 months;

International Expert for the Fitness Check (evaluation) of the National Strategy for IWRM Integrated Water Resource Management of Albania (6532-00/2023/ SUB 13/2024); 50 working days over 9 months;

International Key Expert for River Basin Management (6532-00/2023/ SUB 14/2024); 120 working days over 22 months

The tentative start date for the contracts is September 2024, the services need to be carried out in Tirana, Albania. More details can also be found in the "Tender Document".

Should you/your company be interested in one of these contracts, please submit your offer to latest until 28 July 2024.