Business Partnership Challenge
The Business Partnership Challenge is a new instrument within the framework of the Austrian Development Agency’s (ADA) business partnerships.

Who can apply?
Companies headquartered in the European Economic Area (EEA) or in Switzerland that make a sustainable contribution to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can apply for funding.

What does ADA offer?
As agency of Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC), ADA uses this instrument to support projects that make a sustainable contribution to economic development and improving the living conditions of people in countries of the Global South. It supports these projects with up to EUR 1 million with a maximum of 50 percent of the project costs. A total of EUR 5 million are available for the Business Partnership Challenge.

Why does ADA start this instrument?
The Business Partnership Challenge follows the principles and objectives of ADA’s business partnerships. In addition, the Call for Proposals makes it possible to provide grants for larger projects with volumes of up to EUR 2 million. This is expected to have a greater developmental impact in the partner countries. The principles of Inclusive Market Systems Development (IMSD) provide guidance in this regard.

Thus, the Business Partnership Challenge is an addition to the existing ADA Business Partnership Program, for which interested companies can still submit grant applications throughout the year.

What projects is ADA looking for?
ADA’s goals are to reduce poverty, promote peace and protect the environment and climate. Business Partnership Challenge projects are intended to contribute to these overarching goals.

Projects should therefore:
   -   act as systemically as possible and enable sustainable structural change (for example, by strengthening institutional
        capacities, facilitate networking between local and international partners or implementing international norms
        and standards);
   -   be as inclusive as possible, involving many local stakeholders and increasing the number of people benefiting from the project
        (by involving local businesses, public institutions and civil society organizations); and
   -   trigger innovative processes or contribute to solving challenges in countries of the Global South.

Is your company interested in the Business Partnership Challenge 2024? Please send an email to  to receive more information.

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