Framework programmes are carried out by Austrian CSOs together with local partner organisations in one or several developing countries. They contribute to the sustainable improvement of the conditions of life and development prospects for the population in the target regions. Framework programmes promote networking and enable long-term partnerships. They concentrate on substantive and systematic knowledge exchange between organisations in Austria and developing countries and harness a wealth of experience and facilitate learning. They mobilise synergies that raise the effectiveness of measures. The ADA aid requirement for a framework programme is a convincing approach aimed at strengthening the partners, imparting knowledge and know-how and performing advocacy work.

Framework programmes last three to four years. The overall budget amounts to at least EUR 900,000.

Entitled to apply are Austrian CSOs with relevant programme experience, a record of successful cooperation with ADA and adequate human and financial resources. Organisations interested in a framework programme can submit their notification of interest by 28 February.

A new partner organisation for a Framework Programme can be accepted from 2020. The Framework Programme must be implemented in one or more priority countries or priority regions according to the Three-Year Programme on Austrian Development Policy 2019-2021.

New Framework Programmes in Africa must fulfil the criteria for an OECD-DAC Gender Equality Policy Marker 2 (click here for more information).

Deadline for the submission of a notification of interest: 28 February 2019.

Maximum amount of funding: 1 Million EUR for a programme duration of 4 years.

Further information can be found in the funding guideline.