According to the OECD's preliminary data for 2018, the share of Austria's official development assistance payments (ODA) amounted to 995.7 million euros. This equals to 0.26 percent of Austria's gross national income (GNI).

A total of 409.09 million euros were invested in bilateral, 587.50 million euros in multilateral development cooperation. With a total budget of 92.5 million euros, the Austrian Development Agency's share of Austria's bilateral aid rose from 19.4 percent in 2017 to 23.4 percent in 2018.

The drop in Austria's ODA 2018 is primarily due to the reduction of eligible funds for primary care for refugees in Austria. Compared to the previous year, the share of eligible funds for refugees' primary care in Austria's total ODA payments dropped from 12 percent in 2017 to about 5 percent in 2018. The costs of primary care for refugees in Austria sank from 136 million euros in 2017 to 54 million euros in 2018. From 2015 to 2017, the share of primary care for refugees in Austria's ODA was exceptionally high due to the massive influx of people seeking refuge in Austria.