Globalisation poses many new demands: A major point to realise is that development is a challenge facing all nations, not just emerging economies and developing countries. Austria needs to learn lessons as much as the partner countries of Austrian Development Cooperation. With small changes in our everyday life, each and every one of us can contribute a lot to making improvements. The aim is to find common paths towards a just and sustainable world. Key concerns of successful development cooperation are to communicate knowledge about global challenges, raise awareness of international relations, encourage critical reflection and motivate people to actively take part in development.

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation, promotes projects in educational work/global learning, campaigns, cultural activities and media work, volunteer assignments and scientific research so as to address diverse target groups and incite and enhance interest in and commitment to development policy among Austrian women and men.


ADA promotes projects that address fundamental issues in world developments and related global Austrian thematic networks.

It supports in particular civil-society activities in Austria in the following four fields of activity:

  • LEARNING: education & global learning; cultural activities/intercultural dialogue
  • ENGAGEMENT: volunteer service
  • AWARENESS: information work, campaigns, advocacy, media
  • KNOWLEDGE: science & journalism

Two funding instruments are available: