In order to provide optimum services for our partner countries and Austria, integrity and professionalism are prerequisites. The comprehensive precautions of the Austrian Development Cooperation for preventing and combating corruption include the ADA Code of Conduct, anti-corruption clauses in ADA contracts and the ADA Whistleblowing System.

Under the ADA whistleblowing system, cases of suspicion regarding serious legal violations can be reported to the internal information point or to an external ombudsperson. ADA employees are obliged to make such reports.

ADA Whistleblowing system

Internal Information Point

The internal Integrity Officers, Fatma Johnson, Charlotte Savoye, Katharina Windisch and Christa Schwarz, are bound to confidentiality and are not subject to directives for their activities as authorized Integrity Officers. They are available to answer questions about integrity in general and are competent for reports on cases of suspicion in regard the following reporting categories:

Corruption and related criminal offences, criminal offences against property, unlawful acts committed within the scope of procurement and funding, criminal acts against sexual integrity and self-determination and other serious violations of the law.

These reports should be primarily made via the electronic whistleblower portal. The electronic whistleblower portal is available in German and English, guides whistleblowers through the reporting process using an online form and allows secure communication using special encryption. Information may be provided anonymously trough the electronic whistleblower portal.

Reports can also be made via phone, post or in person to the Integrity Officers. ADA employees can also contact their superiors, who will then forward the reports to the Integrity Officers. General requests concerning integrity (but not reports of cases of suspicion) can be made via E-Mail to

Contact information of the Integrity Officers:

Electronic Whistleblower Portal

Phone: +43 1 90399 - 2667
Address: Zelinkagasse 2, 1010 Vienna

External Ombudsperson

As an alternative to the internal information point, it is possible to submit reports to the external Ombudsperson. The specialised law firm Paulitsch Rechtsanwalts GmbH has many years of relevant professional experience and is subject to the professional secrecy. The ombudsperson examines information independently and autonomously.

The ombudsperson will only forward the identity of the whistleblower to the ADA if the whistleblower has expressly agreed to this. This also applies to all other information from which the identity of the whistleblower can be derived directly or indirectly.

Information to the ombudsperson can be provided in German or English via an online form, e-mail, telephone, post or in person.

Contact information of the external ombudsperson:

Pilar Mayer-Koukol
Phone: +43 1 361 4007
Address: Hoher Markt 8-9/2/10, 1010 Vienna

Information on data processing in connection with the ADA Whistleblowing System is available here.


In addition, according to the Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act, certain violations of the law, such as acts of corruption, can also be reported to the Austrian Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption (BAK).