Women farmers in Kosovo

Women take the lead in Kosovo’s agriculture

Together with Caritas Switzerland, we are supporting women farmers in Kosovo to take their businesses and women’s roles in agriculture to new heights.

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Pelicans at Beleu lake at the Lower Prut river in Moldova

World Rivers Day - Austria supports Albania and Moldova in protecting their river water

Clean waters contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and are habitats for plants, animals and humans. Protection and use should always be in…

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Grant Agreement for DELPAZ programme signed

We have signed a Grant Agreement to support the peace process in Sofala, Mozambique, through the DELPAZ project. The agreement with the Provincial…

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Welcome to the E-Learning

In pursuit of the principle of ‘Nothing about us without us’, ADA adopts an inclusive approach and promotes the participation, equal rights and…

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Hand full of cherries

Sweet cherries against climate change

We support a UNDP water storage project in Moldova and take sustainable measures in the fight against climate change.

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Solidarity against COVID-19 in Mozambique

With the Corona pandemic worsening impoverishment in Mozambique, we have reinforced our commitment to the Southeastern African country by providing…

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Woman carrying a water can.

How land deals are threatening livelihoods in Africa

Agricultural land is a valuable asset in Africa – for the local population as well as for global investors. We are advocating land and water rights…

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Büroleiterin Dr. Roswitha Kremser und UNDP-Vertreterin Elsie G. Attafuah. © ADA

ADA at the Uganda Water Week: Highlights of a busy week

World Water Day on March 22 was especially busy for our Local Office in Uganda. The signing of a contract to protect Uganda’s wetlands and a panel…

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Women talking

Amplifying Local Women’s Voices

The Women’s Peace & Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) supports women’s civil society organisations (CSOs) that are at the forefront of preventing conflict,…

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Alpine Knowledge for the Himalayas

Two mountainous nations exchange views: With the support from Austrian Development Cooperation, Bhutan ameliorates the safety and quality of its…

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Opening ceremony

Sustainable Access to Safe Water for All

On 22 March, the Representatives of the European Union and EU Member States in Uganda joined Ugandans in observing the International Water Day.

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People distribute relief goods

Coronavirus: Austria Supports WHO's Strategic Preparedness and Response Plan

As announced by the Foreign Ministry, two million euros will provide immediate aid to Palestine, Iran as well as the WHO’s Africa and Eastern…

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Student holding a wine bottle.

Towards an optimistic future

In Moldova‘s vocational schools, a sense of confidence is in the air. Modernised curricula and practical training help young people find jobs and…

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Children in front of a water tank

Water: Human Right and Lifesaver

According to the WHO, almost a quarter of all health facilities in the world's poorest countries has no access to clean water. The coronavirus…

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Participants of the Global Women's Forum for Peace and Humanitarian Action in Vienna

"We'll Rise up": Strong Message for Peace Sent From Vienna

Global Women’s Forum for Peace and Humanitarian Action (GWF 2020) in Vienna.

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