Increased effectiveness of staff delegations in Mozambique

Austrian and European specialists are sent to developing countries to strengthen the capacities of local communities and partner organizations. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) supports the staff deployment program of HORIZONT3000.

Sharing knowledge face to face

Delegations of specialists aim to increase the local quality of work and knowledge management and to contribute to poverty reduction and rural development.

Dana Vyzinkarova is one of those specialists. She has recently joined HORIZONT3000 in Beira. As a consultant for waste management and recycling, she will support the partner organization AMOR (Associação Moçambicana de Reciclagem) for two years.

"By building a recycling center, raising public awareness and integrating HIV-positive women into the projects, AMOR has already accomplished a lot in Mozambique," she says. "I hope that I can contribute to this process with trainings and capacity building. I think it is necessary to make personnel assignments, because I am convinced that face-to-face communication is also important in technically oriented projects."

Stand up, go your own way

For years, the sociologist Ulrike Grund has been active in the fight against right-wing extremist violence and all forms of discrimination. Her goal is to sustainably strengthen the team of LeMuSiCa, an NGO in Chimoio, in its psychosocial work through capacity development. LeMuSiCa (Levante-se Mulher, e Siga ouu Camino) means: woman, get up and go your way. The staff members are trained by Ulrike in the areas related to trauma caused by domestic violence and sexual abuse as well as in the sensitization to women's, children's and human rights. "I strongly believe that long-term, sustainable capacity-building can make a big difference," Norah Brinkerhofsays. She wants to contribute as a technical consultant to the SOS Children's Villages in Mozambique.


With the support of the Austrian Development Agency, HORIZONT3000 is working together with its Mozambican partner organization ESMABAMA to professionalize livestock farming in the province of Sofala through trainings. At the local agricultural school, participants learn how conservative tillage works. They receive training on how to process local products, as well as on negotiation and marketing techniques and education on gender and HIV/AIDS. The sociologist Hannah Danzinger, who also holds a master's degree in Human Rights and Conflict Management, has been working for ESMABAMA through the HORIZONT3000 staff placement program as a monitoring and evaluation consultant in Beira since the end of April 2018.