Drinking water taken from the Prut

The multi-donor project “Rehabilitation of the Water Supply System in the Rayon Nisporeni” officially closes on the 31st of July 2016 with concrete results achieved for the citizens of three towns: Nisporeni, Varzaresti and Grozesti.

High-quality drinking water taken from the Prut River is provided to approximately 15,000 customers in the three localities. The system has higher water provision capacity and is ready for more connections and extension in the rayon.

The budget of this international multi-donor effort is about 13 mill. € with funds provided by the  European Union (4.7 mill. €), the Austrian Development Cooperation (4.4 mill. €) and the Swiss Development Cooperation (2.9 mill. CHF). The Moldovan authorities have contributed close to 1,8 mill. €.

The project is individually implemented because it takes water from the Prut and transports it via a Raw Water Pumping Station to a modern Water Treatment Plant operating to European standards. The Public Health Institute approved quality water is then transported to the networks and households in Grozesti, Nisporeni and Varzaresti.

Also through this project the beneficiary municipalities created a modern, regional water supply operator in form of a Joint Stock Company (JSC). The operator starts with an operational plan for the years 2016 - 2017.

A total of 101,8km of distribution network and 16.8km of transmission main pipes were installed. Thereof, in Nisporeni and Varzaresti: 84.3km and 4,713 physical connections including 3,393 house connections, economic agents, social institutions and 1,320 apartments.

Grozesti was covered with 17.5km network and 545 house connections (incl. economic agents & social institutions).

For more details about the implemented project you are kindly invited to attend the hand over event which will take place on 22 July 2016 at 10.30 AM at the Water Treatment Plant in Grozesti.