IT paves the way for Moldova’s future

In Moldova, soon-to-be IT-experts can now fully exploit their potential. New training opportunities meet international quality standards.

Fulfilling the dream of a career in IT for young people while closing gaps in the labor market: that's the aim of the "IT Career Promotion Campaign" in Moldova, supported by the Austrian Development Agency. The capacity of vocational education institutions in the field of information and communication technology (ICT) will be strengthened.

Andrian Mamei works as an integrating architect at the Republic of Moldova's E-Government Center. Together with his team, he is responsible for digitizing the public services of the country. "Through the very practical oriented training at the college, I started to develop my passion for computers and IT", he says. Andrian is one of 5,500 students who benefit from improved vocational training opportunities through the project.

A national ICT Competence Center as resource hub

Modernization of the curricula and teaching methods will help to ensure a high quality, practical education at secondary technical and vocational colleges. In addition, the College of Computer Science in Chisinau will be reorganized to a national ICT Competence Center and serve as a model for other education institutions.

Information events and materials about career paths in IT aim to attract more girls for the sector. Adriana Mosnoi, project manager at the large web content company FFW, discovered the potential of the IT industry at an early stage: "The opportunities that the IT field in Moldova is offering are very good: the salary is motivating, you get to travel abroad a lot and there's an ongoing development of the professional field". She strongly encourages young women to give the sector a chance: "I think a secondary technical and vocational college is a great opportunity to try the IT field and see if you like it or not."

Ensure the competitiveness of Moldova

Over the past two decades the Moldovan labor market has been suffering from the poor quality of the education system and from labor shortages in the IT sector. In order to increase Moldova's competitiveness, ADA supports the Moldovan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (ANACIP). The agency evaluates the existing educational programs and creates basic standards. By cooperating closely with the private sector - for example by involving ICT companies in the development of market-based educational content - the young IT-experts will be trained for the specific needs of the labor market.