The ADA as project implementer

We are closely working together with the European Union (EU) and other international organisations to make multilateral development coordination more effective and successful. Accordingly, Third Party Funds have become an increasingly important part of our work. This is where we receive funds from partner organisations and implement projects on their behalf.

We receive third-party funds from the EU as well as other international, bilateral, and Austrian actors. These include Sweden, the Netherlands, the federal state of Vorarlberg and the Green Climate Fund (GCF), among others. We have been formally accredited by the European Commission since 2009 and by the GCF since 2018.

To date, we have successfully completed 14 projects with a contract value of around 90 million euros. Both the number of projects and the amount of funds are continuously increasing. Currently, we are implementing 14 projects totalling 127 million euros.

With our third-party funded projects, we are focusing on our partner countries and their respective country strategy. That’s why we are overseeing a judicial reform in Albania, developing the education sector in Kosovo and advocating peace and stability in Ethiopia, for example.


Our strategy until 2025

Thanks to our development policy expertise, we are a trusted project implementer for our international and Austrian partners. However, we want to further expand on this expertise and trust. The acquisition and implementation of third-party funded projects are important strategic goals of our corporate concept. By the end of 2025, we want to be even more internationally recognized and sought-after as an implementation organisation, especially in our partner countries. With our third-party funded projects, we want to meaningfully contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.


Current projects for better living conditions

These are the 14 projects we are currently implementing and with which we are creating better living conditions in our partner countries:

Dniester river in Moldova © Igor Sirbu / Shutterstock

Better water quality for Moldova - EU4Environment Water Resources and Environmental Data

As part of the EU4Environment programme, we are supporting Moldova to use its natural water resources sustainably.

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Supporting local communities in Moldova – LOCOMO

LOCOMO counteracts the social and economic impact of COVID-19 on the Southeastern European country.

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Peace consolidation in Mozambique - DELPAZ

We are supporting peace consolidation and reconstruction efforts in the South African country.

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Save Rivers, Save Life in Albania - EUSIWM

Albania has an abundance of natural water resources. We are ensuring their sustainable and long-term use.

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