• Local office Addis Abeba

    Priority country since: 1992

    Focus: Poverty reduction

    Did you know, that... coffee has its origin in Ethiopia?

    More about... Ethiopia

    Mag. Stefan Hlavac
    Head of Office
    stefan.hlavac@ada.gv.at, addisabeba@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Kampala

    Priority country since: 1992

    Focus: Water supply, justice, law and order

    Did you know, that... nearby the capital Kampala lies the headwater of the White Nile? 

    More about... Uganda


  • Local office Ouagadougou

    Priority Country since: 1992

    Focus: Vocational education, handicraft & small-scale business promotion, rural development

    Did you know, that... the country's name means  "land of the upright / honest people"?

    More about...Burkina Faso

    Mag. Christian Geosits
    Head of Office
    christian.geosits@ada.gv.at, ouagadougou@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Pristina

    Priority country since: 2008

    Focus: Agriculture, economy, governance

    Did you know, that... the Euro is the official currency used in Kosovo ?

    More about... Kosovo

    Dr. Gunther Zimmer
    Head of Office
    gunther.zimmer@ada.gv.at, pristina@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Tirana

    Priority Country since: 1992

    Focus: Vocational education, water supply, governance, social inclusion

    Did you know, that... Mother Teresa was of Albanian descent?

    More about...Albania

    Mag. Simone Ungersböck, LL.M.
    Head of Office
    simone.ungersboeck@ada.gv.at, tirana@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Chisinau

    Priority Country since: 2004

    Focus: Water, wastewater disposal, economy, vocational education, governance, environment and climate change, peacebuilding

    Did you know, that... Moldova is one of the ten biggest viticulture countries?  

    More about... Moldova

    DI Alexander Karner
    Head of office
    alexander.karner@ada.gv.at, chisinau@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Tiflis

    Priority country since: 2011

    Focus: Agriculture and forestry, spatial planning, governance

    Did you know, that... 23 languages are spoken within Georgia?

    More about... Georgia


  • Local office Thimphu

    Priority Country since: 1992

    Focus: Energy supply and governance

    Did you know, that... the name "Bhutan" means "Land of Dragons"?

    More about... Bhutan

    Mag. Dr. Johannes Binder
    Head of Office
    johannes.binder@ada.gv.at, thimphu@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Ramallah

    Priority country since: 1994

    Focus: Advance of the Middle East peace process, building state institutions, water supply

    Did you know, that... the average age in the Palestinian Territories is about 22.5?

    More about... the Palestinian Territories

    Mag. Astrid Wein
    Head of office
    astrid.wein@ada.gv.at, ramallah@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Yerewan

    Priority Country since: 2011

    Focus: Agriculture, Governance

    Did you know, that... in 301 Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity as state religion?

    More about...Armenia

    Dr. Gerhard Schaumberger
    Head of Office
    gerhard.schaumberger@ada.gv.at, tiflis@ada.gv.at, jerewan@ada.gv.at
  • Local office Maputo

    Priority Country since: 1992

    Focus: Sustainable agriculture, water supply & sanitation. NEXUS "Water - Energy - Food security". 

    Did you know, that... Portuguese is the official language?

    More about... Mozambique

    Dr. Hubert Neuwirth
    Head of office
    hubert.neuwirth@ada.gv.at, maputo@ada.gv.at

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation, concentrates its activities on key regions in Africa, Asia, Southeast Europe and the South Caucasus. This is in line with the international trend to place greater emphasis on comprehensive programme objectives and to reduce isolated interventions. ADA's local offices make sure that cooperation is based on equal partnership, while also guaranteeing effective monitoring and control. The projects and programmes are tailored to local conditions and agreed with local partners.

According to interests and expertise, the Austrian Development Cooperation draws on three categories of countries, which are dealt with in different ways. Depending on the category, individual approaches and instruments are applied in cooperation with partner organisations - in particular with the EU - and the priority countries:

Least Developed Countries (LDCs): Fighting poverty, particularly in Africa

Southeast Europe/South Caucasus: Sustainable economic development

Crisis regions and fragile states: peace and security, stability and reconstruction, building structures

Globally: Coordinated by ADA's HQ in Vienna

In addition to working with the governments of the priority countries, ADA also promotes initiatives of civil society organisations and businesses in those and other developing countries.