Know-how in the water supply and sanitation sector is a hallmark of Austrian engagement in East Africa. For many years, the Austrian Development Agency and the Federal Foreign Ministry have been supporting regional programmes, such as the African Water Facility of the African Development Bank or the Water, Climate and Development Programme in Africa run under the Global Water Partnership. Austria recurrently chairs the donor group in the water sector in Uganda. Moreover, ADA is supporting the East African Community in establishing the Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and a programme by the African Union for the equal participation of women at all levels of conflict prevention and resolution.

RIGHT TO PEACE                                          

Other priorities of cooperation in the eastern Sub-Saharan region are programmes and projects in peacebuilding, reconciliation and democratisation. By way of the Rapid Response Fund of the Conflict Early Warning and Response Mechanism(CEWARN), Austria supports the member states of the trade bloc, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), in developing conflict management capacities. Early warning systems are designed to identify and resolve (mostly) cross-border conflicts in advance.


Development cooperation in this region pays special attention to advancing decentralisation and regionalisation. Specialist and administrative capacities are supported down to district or municipal level to enable countries like Ethiopia to provide their own basic services, such as health care or school education, in rural areas as well. At the same time, ADC assists populations in making sustainable use of the resources in their habitat, extending their income opportunities and taking greater part in policymaking.

The priority countries of Austrian Development Cooperation in East Africa are Ethiopia and Uganda