Know-how in the water supply and sanitation sector is a hallmark of Austria’s engagement in East Africa. For many years, Austrian Development Cooperation has been supporting regional programmes, such as “African Water Facility” of the African Development Bank or the “Water, Climate and Development Programme in Africa” run under the Global Water Partnership. Austria recurrently chairs the donor group in the water sector in Uganda. Moreover, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) supports the East African Community in establishing the Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency and promotes regional initiatives striving to make the rural population more resilient to negative effects of climate change. In all its efforts, ADA pays particular attention to a comprehensive and integrated gender approach.

RIGHT TO PEACE                                          

Other priorities of the cooperation in the eastern Sub-Saharan region include programmes and projects in peacebuilding, reconciliation and democratisation. Austrian Development Cooperation supports the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), a regional trade bloc, in implementing its Peace and Security Strategy 2016-2020, thus strengthening the continental African Peace and Security Architecture (APSA). It features essential instruments of the African Union and regional trade blocs for preventing and managing conflicts and consolidating peace. Projects promoted within this scope intend to enhance exchange at local, regional and national level and to timely detect and prevent imminent conflicts. Additionally, they assist in ongoing peace processes, for example, in Somalia and South Sudan. To implement Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16, the spotlight is turned on the interface between good governance, gender, human rights, peacebuilding and conflict prevention. All projects have a cross-sectoral focus on promoting gender equality and aim to include women more in peace processes.

Accelerating SELF-RELIANCE

Development cooperation in this region pays special attention to driving decentralisation and regionalisation. Supporting expert and administrative capacities down to district or municipal level enables countries like Ethiopia to independently provide basic services, such as health care or school education, in urban and rural areas alike. At the same time, Austrian Development Cooperation endorses the local population to use resources and their habitat in a sustainable way, create new opportunities to generate income and participate more in political decision-making processes.

The priority countries of Austrian Development Cooperation in East Africa are Ethiopia and Uganda