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Current projects worldwide

The Austrian Development Agency (ADA)’s task in Ramallah is to help the Palestinian territories on their way to the two-state solution. In accordance with the Road Map and the EU Action Strategy, ADA supports the Palestinian Authority (PA) in building efficient, democratically legitimate and controlled institutions for a future sovereign democratic state. In addition to the PA, ADA cooperates with international agencies and both Palestinian and international civil society organisations. The Austrian Development Cooperation promotes projects in health care and water supply as well as emergency aid and support for refugees. Austria especially focuses on strengthening women and youth as well as interlinking humanitarian, development policy and peacekeeping measures.

Improving people's conditions of life
ADA supports the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNWRA) to meet the basic needs of the Palestinian population, particularly with regard to health care. In order to care for Palestinian families who are especially in need, ADA supports the Palestinian Authority’s social welfare program in close cooperation with the European Commission. Another priority is to ensure water supply in the Gaza Strip. Regular controls of the local water quality help to prevent diseases, and wastewater treatment supplies provide affordable water for field irrigation. The renovation of the desalination plant, built with Austrian funds in the 1990s, restored the drinking water supply for communities.