Reducing poverty, safeguarding peace and protecting the environment - these are the primary goals of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the operational unit of Austrian Development Cooperation. This includes the promotion of human rights, freedom and self-determination for all people and especially those living in marginalised regions of the world. Equal access to and use of natural resources as well as social and economic services are indispensable for reducing poverty and inequality. Equal opportunities regarding business activities and employability are likewise essential for sustainable development. Women and vulnerable population groups in particular must be strengthened to claim their rights.

Austria committed to the SDGs
All ADA programmes and projects adhere to the strategy set out in the current Three-Year Programme on Austrian Development Policy. They are implemented within the respective budgetary framework. Their alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and partner countries' national development objectives is crucial. Within this framework Austria applies its specific know-how, capacities and experience and contributes to the preservation of global public goods such as health, environment and climate protection.

ADA focuses on themes like education, peacebuilding, human security, human rights, migration and development, the water-energy-food security nexus as well as private sector and development. In addition to the cross-cutting themes of environment and climate protection, gender equality is a crucial aspect taken into consideration by all ADA projects and programmes. Likewise, ADA measures are also examined regarding their compliance with social standards. Other major fields of activity are international humanitarian aid, development communication and education in Austria as well as health, employment and social protection.