The Austrian Development Agency currently funds more than 500 projects and programmes with a total volume of more than 640 million euros per year in order to improve living conditions in developing countries.

This project list provides public access to all ADA projects and their most relevant parameters. It also includes initiatives that have been delegated to ADA by other donor agencies, as for instance the European Commission. These projects are explicitly listed as such. In addition, ADA also implements funds for other Austrian and international institutions as part of development cooperation projects. More details regarding the sources of funding, which are listed in the categories "OEZA" (Austrian Development Cooperation) and "andere Geber" (other donors) are provided in ADA's annual report (Geschäftsbericht, in German only).

For technical reasons, statistical data (modality, marker, tying status) is only available for projects that started after 01.01.2015.

The projects are listed chronologically. You can either search for them by using keywords or by selecting specific countries in the predefined search fields.

The whole data set can be downloaded as excel file here.

Country and thematic categories follow the logic of the OECD/DAC countries. Further information on this topic here.

Environmental, Gender and Social Impacts Assessments, implementation reports as well as evaluation results are published here for selected projects.

Date of last update: 05.12.2022

All projects
Contract partnerICRC - International Committee of the Red Cross - Switzerland
Country Ethiopia
Funding amount€ 200.000,00
Project start 01.08.2003
End 31.05.2004
Contract partnerFWF Forschungsschwerpunkt (Institut für Kunstgeschichte der Uni Wien)
Country Afghanistan
Funding amount€ 1.005,75
Project start 15.04.2004
End 31.05.2004
Contract partnerWUS AUSTRIA - World University Service-Österreichisches Komitee
Country Europe, regional/multi-country
Funding amount€ 40.250,00
Project start 29.02.2004
End 30.05.2004
Contract partnerNWV - Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag GmbH KG
Country Austria
Funding amount€ 6.674,80
Project start 01.05.2004
End 28.05.2004
Contract partnerISG - Internationales Städteforum Graz, Forum der historischen Städte und Gemeinden
Country Palestinian Territories
Funding amount€ 8.000,00
Project start 01.04.2004
End 30.04.2004
Contract partnerSOS-Kinderdorf
Country Serbia & Montenegro
Funding amount€ 5.000,00
Project start 01.04.2004
End 30.04.2004
Contract partnerTirsova Kinderklinik (University Children's Clinic)
Country Serbia & Montenegro
Funding amount€ 36.007,00
Project start 01.01.2004
End 30.04.2004
Contract partnerSchwärzler Günther, Ing.
Country Europe, regional/multi-country
Funding amount€ 11.800,00
Project start 01.03.2004
End 30.04.2004
Contract partnerSchöpf Karl, Dr.
Country Austria
Funding amount€ 2.499,20
Project start 23.03.2004
End 26.04.2004
Contract partnerFahrenhorst Brigitte, Prof. Dr.
Country Morocco
Funding amount€ 9.551,80
Project start 01.02.2004
End 15.03.2004
Contract partnerDiverse Partner der ÖA der ADA
Country Austria
Funding amount€ 100.000,00
Project start 18.02.2004
End 20.02.2004
Contract partnerDipl. Biogeogr. Zinke Alexander (Management Consultant for Environment)
Country Romania
Funding amount€ 32.490,00
Project start 01.01.2003
End 31.12.2003
Contract partnerSECI - Southeast European Cooperative Initiative
Country Europe, regional/multi-country
Funding amount€ 36.487,92
Project start 01.01.2003
End 31.12.2003
Contract partnerHORIZONT3000 - Österreichische Organisation für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
Country Brazil
Funding amount€ 19.712,00
Project start 01.07.1999
End 31.12.2003
Contract partnerCMC - Contrast Management - Consulting
Country Austria
Funding amount€ 62.900,00
Project start 01.07.2003
End 30.11.2003